Ricoh GEN4L 15PL Printhead - MH2620 (Hose barb)

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The new Ricoh GEN4L printhead is suitable for a range of oil, water, solvent, and UV printers, including the original D.Gen Teleios Grande, D.Gen Teleios (TJ-2600), and Teleios (TJ-3333). This printhead has an integrated heater and thermistor. This is Ricoh's original printhead, and it is covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

This printhead is not compatible with the newer D.Gen Teleios Grande G5 or Teleios Grande/H6. These printers use Ricoh GEN5 Printhead Water (PPHRI18045).

Technical Specifications:

- Size: 13,2 x 120 x 75,5 mm (excluding cables)
- Head Materials: SST, Ni, and Epoxy Adhesive (direct contact with ink)
- Nozzle Plate Surface: Non-wet coating
- Number of Nozzles: 2 x 192 nozzles
- Nozzle Spacing: 0,1693 mm
- Piezo Type: D33 Stacked PZT
- Temperature Control: Integrated Heater and Thermistor
- Operator Temperature range: Up to 80° C
- Native Drop Volume: 15 pl
- Drop Volume Range: 15-45 pl
- Jetting Frequency: Up to 30 kHz
- Life: 100 billion actuations per nozzle.

Compatible Printers:

  • PA32
  • Teleios Grande (3333TX)
  • Teleios (TJ-2600)
  • Teleios Grande (TJ-3333)
  • Teleios XL (XL2600)
  • Artrix GTII


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