Drytac Polar Transit Matte White Polymeric Self-Adhesive Vinyl

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Rugged film for transportation signage 

Polar Transit is a premium, matte white polymeric self-adhesive PVC film designed for tough locations and transportation signage, such as flat vehicle sides and arena displays. Polar Transit can adhere to smooth, flat surfaces such as hockey rinks and bus king, queen, and tail posters. Its rugged qualities make Polar Transit ideal for transit applications such as temporary fleet graphics and transportation signage.

For smooth, flat surfaces and arena displays

Polar Transit is a 3.2 mil (80μ) premium, matte white polymeric self-adhesive PVC film with a high-quality, removable gray acrylic adhesive. This adhesive is protected by a 90# PE Coated Kraft release liner.

Product specialist quote

“Polar Transit is a product designed for a specific job, which it does very well. If you need to apply graphics to smooth, flat surfaces that are in tough locations, such as vehicle sides and public arena displays, Polar Transit delivers the ideal solution. It delivers a perfect combination of vibrant graphics with long-term and outdoor durability for transportation signage.”

Suitable For:

  • Opaque Print Media
  • Temporary Window Films
  • Permanent / Semi-Permanent Window Films
  • Outdoors
  • Vehicle Applications
  • Outdoor Signs
  • Ice Rink Board Advertising
  • Walls
  • Long-Term Print Media
  • Outdoor Wall Print Media
  • Exhibition Graphics

Printer Compatibility:

  • Eco Solvent
  • Latex
  • UV


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