DRYTAC ReTac Textures Embossed Film

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Print, Install, Remove, Reposition


  • Sand
  • Linen
  • Canvas
  • Woodgrain
  • Other finishes are available upon request!

ReTac Textures is ideal for customers wanting to create eye-catching graphics in home, business, retail, and display environments. And because it’s ReTac polymeric self-adhesive vinyl with ultra-removable backing, it can be easily removed and repositioned repeatedly.

ReTac Textures adds depth and visual appeal to static, flat images with its embossed textured finish. With ReTac ultra-removable adhesive on the back, eye-catching graphics printed on ReTac Textures can easily be removed and repositioned multiple times without the worry of adhesive residue being left behind. The film can be easily applied, removed, and repositioned without surface damage or loss of adhesion.

Texture adds a new dimension

ReTac Textures is a 150μ (6 mils) printable, matte white phthalate-free polymeric PVC film with ReTac ultra removable adhesive. It has an embossed canvas, sand, linen, or woodgrain-like finish that adds depth and visual appeal to static, flat graphics. A subtle texture draws attention to your image or message distinctly and creatively. 

ReTac Textures – Quality to the Touch

Ideal for custom walls, murals, interior décor, retail displays, trade show graphics, textured labels, and more, ReTac Textures are compatible with (eco)solvent, UV and latex printing technologies. The key to the new film is the ReTac ultra-removable adhesive on the back. Drytac’s ReTac technology is superior to standard removable adhesives as it can be cleaned and repositioned multiple times.

Product Specialist Quote

“When creating artwork, greater importance is often given to layout, color, and typography. What often gets forgotten, particularly in the field of wide-format display print, is texture. However, texture can be used to add visual interest and is a crucial component of the overall effect of graphics. ReTac Texture's polymeric self-adhesive vinyl makes prints stand out and keeps viewers interested for longer. It also increases the perception of quality.”

Printer Compatibility:

  • Eco Solvent
  • Latex
  • UV

Suitable For:

  • Opaque Print Media
  • Temporary Window Films
  • Outdoors
  • Easy to Apply/Easy to Remove
  • Walls
  • Temporary /Removable Print Media
  • Outdoor Wall Print Media
  • Architectural Graphics
  • Interior Decoration
  • Textured Print Media
  • Easy-to-Apply Media


Ratings + Certifications

Fire Ratings
ReTac Textures – Fire – CAN:ULC-S102
ReTac Textures – Fire – ASTM E-84
ReTac Textures – Fire – EN 13501-1



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