DRYTAC Interlam Pro Emerytex Pressure Sensitive Overlaminating Films

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Matte, anti-glare appearance

Interlam Pro Emerytex is a four mil (100μ) monomeric soft calendared PVC laminating film with a matte pebble textured finish, coated on one side with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive that is protected by a bleached Kraft release paper coated on both sides with PE and siliconized on the release side.

The heavier coat weight and unique cross-linking adhesive on the textured finish are popular for use on aqueous, solvent, and latex inkjet output but have now been optimized for use on UV inks as well.

Rated & certified for many applications.

Interlam Pro Emerytex provides superior clarity for enhanced color definition and has UV stabilizers that prevent discoloration and degradation of the film and adhesive, extending the durability of outdoor graphics for more than three years. It has been tested for anti-slip properties and approved for floor graphics use. It also has achieved FDA approval for incidental food contact, making it ideal for counter mats.

About the Interlam Pro pressure-sensitive over laminating range

This range of laminates has an acrylic adhesive coated on PVC base films with UV stabilizers and absorbers. They add depth and detail to various flexible media substrates while simultaneously preventing the occurrence of silvering during lamination. Interlam Pro overlaminate films resist UV light, weather, and temperature changes. This product is formulated to be phthalate-free.

Suitable For:

  • Outdoor Signs
  • Outdoor Laminating Films
  • Counter Mat
  • Exhibition Graphics
  • Floor Graphics Laminating Films


Ratings + Certifications

Fire Ratings
Interlam Pro Emerytex – Fire – BS 476 Part 6 and 7
Interlam Pro Emerytex – Fire – ASTM E-84
Interlam Pro Emerytex – Fire – CAN ULC-S102
Interlam Pro Emerytex & Polar Grip – Fire – EN 13501-1
Interlam Pro Emerytex & Polar Grip – Fire – BS 6853- Annex D.8.6
Interlam Pro Emerytex & Polar Grip – Fire – BS 6853- Annex B.2

FDA Certification
Interlam Pro Emerytex –  FDA – 21 CFR 177.1975

Slip Certifications
Interlam Pro Emerytex – Slip Certification – ASTM E303
Interlam Pro Emerytex – Slip Certification – DIN 51130:2010 R11
Interlam Pro Emerytex – Slip Certification – HB198-2014 (AS:NZS 4586)
Interlam Pro Emerytex – Slip Certification – ANSI B101.3
Interlam Pro Emerytex – Slip Certification – EN 13036-4



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