Eagle UV 130

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Eagle UV 130 is the latest printer of the Eagle series for object printing on large objects thanks to the wide print area. Eagle UV 130 feature a new design, more powerful water-cooled UV Led lamps and a completely new print engine that improve performance and quality. With its innovative wing design, it allows a rapid set-up for both production and sampling. Compared to regular printers (two-point engine), Eagle is equipped with a single-point engine, this allows the machine to have no constraints on the size. The supplied equipment includes the WhiteRIP dedicated software, with specific functions, realized purposely for UV Printing.

UV LED Applications



Material thickness up to 9.84" / 250mm

One of the most important features is the ability to work with a variable thickness of up to 250 mm. The machine automatically detects the height of the object and sets all parameters to achieve optimum print quality.

Double water-cooled UV LED lamp

To fully cure the ink during the print without further processing even at the lower resolutions The Eagle printers are equipped with double UV Led lamps of new technology. This allows us to save time, save money, and increasing the output, while the water cooling system reduces the thermal stress increasing the led performance and lamp life.

Open ink system

The under-pressure ink system bypasses the formation of air bubble on the circuit; the white ink is also on constant recirculation to avoid sedimentation. The result is a global cost reduction with reduced maintenance downtime and less print head cleaning required.

New Generation Print Heads

The new print heads have better performance; they last longer thanks to the mirror treatment to prevent the deposit of color and clogging of the print nozzles.

Ecologic and semiflexible UV LED Inks

Eagle uses the ECO-UV ink from DPI, characterized by a high quality of pigments, with a high degree of brightness and a wide color gamut. Due to the high coverage of white ink, you can print on transparent or dark objects without problems.
The prints realized with UV LED inks have a high resistance to wear, scratches, and weather, making them suitable also for industrial use and to be used outdoors.

Remote management Via Tablet

Eagle printers of new generations can be controlled remotely via Tablet. This allows the operator to perform the normal management operations and always have the printer status available.

Dedicated software RIP

WhiteRIP is the professional printing software developed by EV Network s.r.l that has a specific function for Hybrid printing like inline printing, template management, and glass mode.



Vacuum table

Eagle printers can be equipped with a vacuum table that helps to keep the object in place and avoid movements during the print.

Tailored solutions

We can create custom printers to satisfy your needs for special processing, integration with automatic printing lines, integration with load and unload equipment, or customization for extra size materials.

Circular object Kit

The circular object Kit allows printing on circular items easily. The kit can be mounted and unmounted in a short time allowing to switch production type quickly.



 The square allows placing the material in perfect alignment with the table almost instantly. The square is adjustable in height and can be completely lowered if necessary


Technical details Eagle UV 130
Printing Technology piezo drop-on-demand, multilevel inkjet technology (4-32 picoliters)
Resolution Min 360 dpi
Max 1440 dpi
Maximum Printable Area 1300x1500 mm (51.18" x 59")
Maximum Material Thickness 250 mm (9.84")
Table Size Width 1360 mm (53.54")
Lenght 1650 mm (64.96")
Printing Plate Capacity 150 Kg* (330.6 lb)
Insertable Material Size Width The material can exit the printable area (refer to the wing design section)
Inks UV(Bottle system)
Available color configurations CMYK CMYK (Double four-color process)
CMYK+W ( four-color process + White )
CMYK+W+GL ( four-color process + White + Gloss)
Power Supply AC 240V +-10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1800W
Operating Environment 20-25°C
Optional Vacuum table, rotary system, integration with automation, customization
Included Software WhiteRIP UV edition



With the Inline printing function of WhiteRIP, it's possible to print white and color layers together with the same quality, color tone and brightness of the two-pass printing but twice the speed.

IRS is an innovative system that allows your machine to improve performance through a constant recirculation of white ink that prevents the creation of sediment and clogging of the nozzles in the head.

Thanks to the sincroprint function you will be able to print the white base and colours together in a single print. This will eliminate the time for the second print halving the time and increasing the output!

The PHPC system produces uniform prints and assures that the head installed in the printer is protected from strikes by constantly checking the position.

Line of dedicated inks, divided into different lines, UV Led, Hybrid, and Water base. SER.TEC. and DPI DG Printing recommends its use, as they are specifically for their own printers.






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